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I am Glauco Frizzera, a Brazilian-American swimmer. I started swimming when I was a little boy back in Brazil. At 13 years old I joined a swim team and I became a highly competitive swimmer. Today, I still love swimming and challenges, mainly to challenge myself. I participate in long-distance swimming competitions and in what is so-called Marathon Swim (6, 12, 15, and eventually 24 miles).

Basically, between comes and goes, ups and downs, I have been swimming my whole life and it became a serious passion. For a certain period of time I got a lot of extra pounds, and I was unhappy and stressed all the time. Returning to my swimming habits, I was able to burn the excess of calories and the stress.

That is my gain - a better life throughout every-day meditation in the pool, working for mastering my technique and reaching new goals. But mostly, always striving to live with passion. Everyone can find these same goals, by eating and sleeping consciously, consequently performing better on the race day, no matter if this race is on the pool, in the ocean, or in the office - the goal is to achieve a better quality of life.



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